Frequently Asked Questions

If I send in additional money over and above my monthly amount due, how will this be handled?
You are always encouraged to make payments larger than the minimum due each month. However, an additional or larger payment made in one month will not change the "minimum" payment due the next month.

What if I am going out of town and I want to pay my monthly payment early?
You can contact the office and make a payment early, and your account will be suspended out the number of months and monthly billing you pre-pay. If you mail in these additional monthly amounts due, please be sure to send along a letter so we know that you want to pre-pay on your account.

What forms of payment does PAR accept?
PAR accepts Visa, MasterCard, debit cards, cash, checks, money orders, and cashiers checks.

What if I can't come to the office in person to make my payment?
You can make your payment over the phone, mail in your payment, or pay online at

What are PAR's days and hours?
PAR is open Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm.

I can't make my monthly payment.
Contact the PAR office and ask if you are under a plan that allows for a payment skip month. If you are not eligible for a skip month, or have used your skip month, the office will let you know the final cut off date and when your account will be cancelled.

I did not receive my monthly billing statement.
Call PAR and make sure that we have your most updated address. If we have your correct address and the notice did not come back to our office, then you need to contact your mailperson and inquire why you are not getting your mail.