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PAR Acceptance Corporation

PAR Acceptance Corporation is a third-party billing company that currently manages multiple government jurisdictions and their billing services prior to collection activity. PAR accepts account balances from the government entities and creates monthly invoices that are mailed to the defendants, which can include multiple citations among multiple jurisdiction’s; but that are all maintained under one monthly payment plan with one set of monthly fees for the defendant.

PAR’s successful process for maintaining these payments-over-time provides consistent, streamlined, timely revenue for our clients.

Benefits for the defendant who request a payment-over-time through the court system, include a convenient, consistent, clear monthly statement which includes all of their tickets assigned by any of the jurisdictions we are contracted with; while being billed one monthly payment, rather than paying each jurisdiction individually. This option allows a payment plan which includes built-in catch-up options to help the defendant to adhere to the payment plan.

PAR is a customer service based company that is here to manage the payment plans on behalf of the court which results in significant savings in time and money, yet still allows the defendant an option for payment prior to accounts being turned to collection.